Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quite a satifying weekend.

Santa delivered my French figures on Friday so I set about completing a few battalions of Spanish who needed grenadiers to fill up their ranks. I had initially painted the Irish regiments in spanish service without grenadiers with bearskins but a couple of weeks ago I did see a contemporary scene of Bailen with light blue coated grenadiers who I assume were from a foriegn regiment. Waiting for me under the Christmas tree are;

A field forge, 2X 1805 French arty, 2X 96 fig 1805 French Inf, 1X light ambulance, 1X Heavy ambulance, 1X Horse Grenadiers (which look shit hot!) and 2X Baggage wagons.

A number of these may not make it to the Christmas tree... they long just so much fun to get such in to!

Filled again with enthusiasm and a flagon of beer from a really good brewery called Harrisons , I decided to get going on the project of making a camp. In the end I made 4 tents for the plebs and Berthier's tent. these are a long way from being finished but it was a great weekend of creating stuff from scratch. I will post photos in the coming week.

But here is a teaser....!

Although I try to only blog about matters Napoleonic, I just have to add that today the temperature reached 24 degrees!! The kids are outside without jerseys or sweatshirts. This is a very novel temperature for us. There is a high north of Auckland and a low in the Tasman that seems to be pushing Australian weather our way (120 km winds in some places). Can we survive this heatwave???


  1. The tent and marshals look great John. Looking forward to seeing the newbies painted too.
    Gee, 24ºC; decidedly balmy!! hehe :)

  2. Weather back to normal now James - about 12 degrees. Not sure how much more of the heatwave we could have withstood!