Wednesday, October 29, 2014

While I am waiting for Santa...

Soldiers need tents so my new project over the coming weeks is going to be to put together a number of French style tents so that my troops have somewhere to sleep. I have never really thought about modelling a camp before so this should be a pretty fun project. Already I have cunning plans for modelling the exteriors of the tents...involving special casting plaster from a fracture clinic which shares the floor with my place of work.

Last night, I started thinking about what style of tents I'll need. I think there will need to be four kinds;

1) A tent for Berthier or Napoleon in which to plan the conquest of Europe

2) A simple triangle tent for the cannon fodder.

3) A triangle tent with an opening with poles along the longest side for the Guard to have communal BBQs outside.

4 A tent with perpendicular "walls" along the long side for the officers.

My presents for Christmas were dispatched via reindeer from Adelaide last Thursday so I should get a big parcel by Saturday. I am fortunate to have a wife who puts up with my ever-so slightly expensive hobby.  I promise to spend no more until December when I am going to need serious restocks of static grass.


  1. No offense to your lovely wife and daughters, but where are the BOOBS in all this? Your armies are one gigantic sausage party! Thousands of pairs of frustrated testicles with no avenue for release! Come on, man—bring on the curvaceous entertainment! Surely Napoleon and his counterparts indulged in carnal delights on the field of battle, no?

  2. My soldiers get their kicks from lining up in neat rows. Rude bits didn't exist in the 19th century. New canon fodder spontaneously spawned in depot battalions as far as I know.