Monday, November 24, 2014

Replenishing Santa's Sack!

French Baggage Wagon x2
French Ammunition Caisson x3
French Wurst Wagon x2

On their way from Adelaide even as I write this. I was going to buy 6x 6 horse limbers but it looks like there are none in the southern hemisphere. From following Hat's website it seems that E26 are restocks so with any luck I should be able to pick them up in the New Year.

This weekend since I am not working, I intend to base the light ambulances at least. Fun fun fun at my painting table!


  1. Do your daughters ever come into your workroom, prop their elbows on the work table, cup their faces in their hands, and just stare at you while you work? Do they ever ask you why in the world you find this so fun and fascinating? Or have they learned that it's best simply to leave Daddy alone when he's in his trance?

  2. This box keeps eating my replies....!!!!

  3. I was going to say that the kids don't really care what daddy does. I have long since stopped being interesting. My wife thinks much the same way!!