Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Hampden

Nothing much on the painting from to report. I did make a couple of pretty cool rough 'n ready bow and arrows for the girls. Old eel lines for the string and willow for the bow. Pretty powerful too.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wurtemburg Jager zu Pferd

Well here they are, I have based these straight off the box and I reckon they look pretty cool. I discovered during my painting that I don't have an Osprey about Wurtemberg or Baden. I have all of the titles of Napoleon's German allies though... Strange because I was pretty sure Wurtemburg was part of the Coalition of the Rhine... Anyway the painting is finished and I am now on to my late war Prussian Hussars. Again I don't have the Opsrey for these dudes. I have the first title but not the second.
Still needing a bit is a touch up but the basic parts finished. I have a few Wurtemburg Grenadiers and line somewhere but I need to get hold of some artillery. I haven't really put any effort into Austrians or Confederation troops and they aren't on the horizon either. I am aiming mainly at the Peninsular War.

Here are some Russians which I found in a box with British Command and my Wurtemburgers in the background.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Additions to the British Army

New book to my collection. Just after I bought this one I discovered that Osprey had put out a two volume study of the KGL. The interesting thing is that any of the battalions that I have painted could double for KGL. The uniforms are almost identical to British line.

Here are my finished artillery. A little bit smaller in scale than the Escis that I painted about 30 years ago. Still - they make an interesting and pretty bunch.

Next project... Wurtemburg cavalry.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Listening to Bowie's new album on a wireless headset while painting British Artillery on a Monday night. Kids all doing homework, wife in another room. Sounds beautiful enough to be a haiku really.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Painting

Sunday and I am back in the painting mode again. Yesterday I based my British Command after finishing my fatherly jobs which involve driving children around the city to various sporting and musical events. The figures look ok but they are not my best efforts. I think I need to invest in some better brushes. Lately I have been pretty busy at work and the household has been pretty busy as well so I haven't really had the mental space to psych myself up for painting. This evening however, I have jumped in and painted the base coats of my IMEX British artillery (Blue and White) although I am not too happy with the colour of the blue. I also did a mega painting on my 1/32 Russian Command figures which I bought accidentally (thinking that they were 1/72) some months ago. I still have some Wurtemburg and Nassau Cavalry to paint.

Since my birthday is coming up I may arrange for a completely new set of brushes....and some more paints.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Ecclectic Set

A parade of "toffs" leading my Peninsular British army. Nothing beats the British uniform in massed ranks. (Although the Imperial Guard can look pretty cool)

The horribly under worked-on Russians. These guys deserve at least a few weekends of undivided attention.

OK the colour looks a little off here. I used an acrylic just as a test. I am not sure as to the real colour of the drummers but I assume is will a lot darker than these colours.
Here are a few shots of what is happening on my painting table... Not a lot happening really - the weekend has been a little too busy. I did get a few colours onto my Napoleonic British Command and dabbled around with a really old 1/32 Airfix figure that has been lying around in a box since I was about 8. DComparing this figure with the Hat Russian flag-bearer he does look a little effeminate!  I really love the Airfix range from the 1970s because I played so many cool battles on the windowsill and the lounge during the summers up in Hampden. Many a time the evil Frenchies tried to storm Waterloo Farm and were held back by the thin red line. It really was a thin red line because I only ever owned two boxes of British infantry - as opposed to four boxes of French (Guard and Infantry).