Sunday, November 9, 2014

I lied...

In my previous post, I said that I would take these figures slowly but it just didn't turn out like that. It never does. Sunday dawned with one child away in central doing the rail trail with her friends and another in her room cocooned in bed with her computer being a sullen teenager and a wife away at her religious observances. This meant that I had the whole morning and a large part of the day to myself. I was kept alive by raspberry jam and sour dough bread during the morning and my favourite craft beer in the afternoon. Little by little the Horse Grenadiers took shape. I painted the tunics in off-white (in acrylics)  and the belts standard white. As James suggested I mixed orange and flesh colour for the blankets. Perhaps they still look a little orange but I kind of like the finished effect.  Painting only 12 figures over the course of 6-ish hours was a very relaxing way to spend the morning and as the photo shows they chaps seem pretty at home guarding my command tent along with some of my imperial guard figures.

None of the stands in this picture are actually finished. The poor old Old Guard still haven't got their flags finished and that sad state has existed for the last four or five years. This is pretty much par for the course at my house. Anyway, now that this weekend has passed so agreeably I might just start a new project of revamping my cuirassiers. I have Esci versions at the moment but they suffer from the Esci problem of short sabers. The Zvezda figures look so much better. My Aussie supplier doesn't have any so I'll just have to wait until his restocks arrive. No problems though...I have a pile of spring gardening to keep me busy in the meantime.


  1. Dude, your face is peeking out from under your blog's title, which means you're no longer an ineffable mystery.

    And what on earth is "sore dough"? Is that like "sourdough"? I'll never understand the Kiwi accent.

  2. Oh yeah. I meant sour. I am a crap proof reeader!