Saturday, July 18, 2015

Victoria's version

The finished product!

Imex 1st Street Church

I picked up a variant of this model a few days ago in the hope of turning it into a little bit more 18th Centuryish.  It is still a little bit of a "work in progress' but here is my attempt...

I used Selley's No More Gaps to flesh out the weatherboards and then applied "stone" from an internet site. All done in less than 4 hours (and probably looks like it).

1st Street Church

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Please forgive my absence

Well it had to happen. Work got too much and the hobby fell by the wayside.  Over the last months I have only painted about 300 1805 French infantry in greatcoats and elites.  This has been an on again off again project.  I have been pretty active on Amazon building my Osprey collection as well as my 200th Waterloo anniversary mini-library.  I am still working my way through a biography of the Duke of Wellington as well as Chandler's Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.  Going forward, I don't have too many plans.  I do plan to do a bit of a tour of Fort Cochi in India when I am up that way next month but that is the closest I will get to an investigation of anything that Lord Wellington was near in India.  I am flying up to Mumbai for a quick meeting but unless my venue happens to be close to anything vaguely Wellingtonesque I won't get to see anything of the city that Wellington (then Wellesley) called home for a few years after defeating Tipu. 

I would love to take up a set of figures and paint then from woe to go over the week and call them my East India Company figs! Unfortunately, I don't have the right type of figure - I think I would need a couple of boxes of Hat British Naval figures to make a line battalion. I hope my trip fires up interest in painting Indian Napoleonic era figures. Unfortunately there is nothing on the market in plastic and probably not much in metal either. Still a Tipu army would look totally rad.


Here are all my cavalry figures cluttering our dining table! 36 squadrons!