Friday, July 29, 2011

Yay- weekend!

Nothing planned for the weekend. Perhaps that will give me time to paint either more 1815 British light cavalry or my new AWI British light Cavalry.  My knowledge of the AWI is pretty limited so I will have to do a little research as to the proper uniform colours. Painting the skull and crossbones on the helmets should be a bit of a challenge!!

The Snow Day in Dunedin... No School on Monday!!

Bob The Snowman. Notice the chin- apparently this was the bit that took most of the work.

Arms seem to be a weak point of this structure.


Josie+ friend
A better link to Youtube is here

According to the weather people this was the worst blast in 17 years. In my recent living memory however, the 2004 dump was bigger. On the morning after the dump we had to get over Mnt Cargil to get to my Dad's funeral. We nearly didn't make it over. and from whar I remember we only arrived about 1 1/2 before kick-off. Most people from the South couldn't make it to the funeral but the little chapel in Hampden was still full. That must have been quite edifying for the old chap if he had been watching. 
Mari couldn't make it to work for a couple of days because of the ice in our part of the city. I however slipped and slid my way doen the hill to the school. Surprisingly most of the students were at school the day after the snow,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haven't posted for so long I forgot my log in password.

I will upload some photos pretty soon of our good dump of snow. I have been insanely busy over the last few weeks. All good but winter is beginning to get me down a bit. I neeeeed vitamin D!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ginny is away-

With Ginny gone from the front office I actually have to do stuff. It isn't pretty. We had 6-7 enrollments today and I have no idea how to do the paperwork. I seem just so amateurish. The temp doesn't know much either but it is like having a security blanket to know that there is someone in the front office while you are teaching. It don't actually matter that they know even less about the school than you do.  This week promises to be the week from hell. I will be working till 8 every light including Friday- IELTS examining on Saturday and Ginny back on Tuesday. One day gone - five to go. How much of the school will remain by next Tuesday?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Musical Weekend

Kids and Nari had a concert at the art gallery and I filmed it. Cleaned the car. Started downloading all of my games again from Steam. Bought the girls Sims 3 plus add-on games to keep them same during the school hols. The weather has been really nice. This global warming thing really suits the bottom half of the South Island. Hope the denialists keep it up for another decade so that we can gain an extra couple of degrees of mean temperature over the year. Keep that carbon pumpin!