Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Random post just to keep the blog alive

One of my anal retentive tendencies is to wish to "finish off" a collection. When it comes to Osprey Publications, a small but significant number of earlier issues are advertised on their site but have been out of print for a good many years. This tempts me but gives me no way to scratch the itch (which is very annoying). This means that I have to turn my attention to sites like Amazon or Ebay. Over the last few months, I have scoured the globe looking for these titles and as of today am only 5 away from feeling replete. This will mean something like 215 titles sitting in my hobby nook waiting for me to take out my paint brushes so that they can be consulted. I am hoping that the sheer bulk of these will shame me in to restarting my hobby in the New Year. I haven't posted a single newly painted figure in over a year and that really isn't good enough.

Anyway.... Blog post finished.