Sunday, April 28, 2013

Airfix - with photos to come later because I don't have my iPhone cable.

I had a bit if nostalgia for the days of my youth a couple of nights ago so a decided to delve into a closet and find my old 1/32 Airfix Napoleonic figures.  They were the mainstay of my battles as a kid from when I was 7. I guess they got a bit of a thrashing because there was seldom a day when they weren't fighting Waterloo or left to rot after a battle only to get half sucked up the vacuum cleaner or stood on by the rest of the family. They are a little rough now with many missing their barrels to their muskets or even their bases.  So I set them up and here is the photo. Still looking ready to welcome Napoleon back from Elba any day!

I also had a little bit of research into those Medieval figures that I picked up in that auction of Deetail figures a few weeks back. Here are the photos.  It turns out that they were from a 1978 box of Airfix Medieval Foot Soldiers.  Back in the day I was into Napoleonic so I wouldn't have thought of wasting my precious Christmas money on these figures.  Many decades later, although I am still not interested in the Medieval period, I am eager to get hold of the original box for these figures.  It looks like I will have to buy from an overseas site like E-Bay (rather than Trademe) is I am ever going to have a hope of getting the box.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Slow Painting

With stress at work and being 45, I haven't really felt like painting too much lately. Tonight I felt a little more motivated and got to work on my long overlooked 1/35 sets of  Russian Napoleonic Command by HaT Industrie.  The set is pretty and the idea of gluing the backpacks/drums and arms of the officer and flagbearer strike me as really adding class to the final look of the figures. Not ready for photos yet - maybe in the weekend. With those finished, I can move on to my set of 1/72 Napoleonic Allied Command. This set consists of a Prussian, Russian, Spanish and British commander on horseback. They are soooo fiddly after painting the hulking great 1/35 figures!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forgive me for I have sinned...

So I went to the auction and was outbid on 7 of the 10 items. I could have bought more (and I spent under half my budget) but the bidding was pretty intense. The whole lot sold for just over $4500 which is still a steal based on the prices which are realised on line for these figures. Actually I have no
Knights and Saracens and some British Guards (complete with cool plastic guard house! Tucked away in there are a few Napoleonic figures.

Yanks,Japs and Brits and Krauts - all WW2.

Foot soldiers  and knights jousting - coupled with some Napoleonic French and British.

The odd ones out. These are Super Deetail and they are more expensive than the older Deetail figures on most internet figure websites.
particular interest in Britain's Deetail figures. I was more of an Airfix man myself. On the bright side the figures are pretty neat so I probably won't sell them on. They were nice enough for Victoria to ask if she could have them so that she could  sell them to pay for her university fees!!

So here I am with my bank account several (many) hundreds of dollars lighter but I still have a sense of satisfaction. Will this tempt me to become a Deetail collector? No - but at least in future I will look more closely at this area of collecting.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pray for me....

On Wednesday I am bidding on a nearly complete set of Britain's Deetail 1971 soldiers... The lot...2000 figures- all vintage and ranging from moderately to highly collectable. May Allah, Krishna, Buddha and the great cheese monster in the sky look favourably upon their humble servant. May my wife forgive the shattering of the bank balance...