Saturday, March 11, 2017

La Haye Sainte

Since I'm on a roll, here is my completed Sarissa Precision Waterloo farmhouse guarded by some British infantry. This was a really fun and fast project. One week start to finish.

Time Life World War Two

When I was a kid my dad and I took a trip together to Wanaka to see uncle Bert and aunty Kathleen. Uncle Bert and his brother had farmed at the back of the Mile Flat at the back of Hampden for many years. Neither had married and when Willy died,  Bert sold up and moved to Oamaru. There he met Kathleen, a retired primary school teacher and they married. Later on in life they moved to Wanaka when it was on the cusp of becoming a tourist mecca. I guess they were pretty wealthy but they lived a quiet retired life.
This story reaches this blog because on my last trip over with my dad, I spotted a shelf with about 20 Time Life books on WW2. while I was there, I read as many as I could and when it came time to go Uncle Bert gave them all to me. I was quite stunned as they were bloody expensive books. Aunt Kathleen explained that Bert had finished with them and never really got the most out of them anyway because he had never learned how to read! Anyway,  now after all these years I have dragged the entire collection from storage under the house and have put them next to my office desk. Although I have ceased being too interested in WW2 it somehow seems fitting to have them next to me. They are a personnal taonga   and a link to my whanau turangawaewae. Thanks uncle Bert!