Friday, November 21, 2014

A new project takes shape

With Christmas still such a long time away and those boxes looking just too appetising, I ended up starting to paint those two boxes of 1805 French arty followed by a box of baggage wagons and then a field forge. They looked so cool that a new idea started to form in my crippled little mind... How about creating the following....

The limbers for the cannon = 8*6 horse limbers
8 baggage wagons = 8*4 horse limbers
8 caissons = 8*4 horse limbers
3 wurst wagons (not sure whether 8 would be better) =3*4 horse limbers

Plus what I have now

Light and heavy ambulances and a field forge (each times three) plus four horse limbers for each.

The Hat sets come with only two horses per item. In my opinion any self respecting wagoneer would need a minimum of 4 horses per wagon. Cannon would probably need eight horses but I will settle for six.

All this will require another ten boxes...

The finished look should be absolutely awesome and a cool Christmas project should the weather turn to custard up at my mum's house. I am planning on taking three weeks off this year followed by another week in March. Plenty of time to enjoy the Summer with the kids and give the Grande Armee some serious wheels.

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