Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pulling together painting guides.

In terms of painting the riders I am in a pretty good situation because I have the Osprey Napoleon's Guard Cavalry MAA(83). In terms of horse furniture I am going to rely on the Del Prado figure that I have. I'm going to take these pretty slowly.
Awesome looking paintings from the 70s I think.

The 1/72  box

Orange on the saddle cloth?? How cool is that? I think the Del Prado figures were my best buy in terms of painting guides because they used the Osprey books not only to base the shape of the figures but the colour scheme as well.

12 little figures


  1. Never knew that horses needed furniture.

  2. John, it is actually a colour called aurore, gold for the officers (if you want to be pedantic).
    Some notes that I lifted about it from the web a while ago "...occasionally, a common color name changes meaning. An example is the French term aurore. During the seventeenth and most of the eighteenth century, it signified a yellow with light red tones, whereas today it suggests a yellowish light red, a cream-of-tomato-soup color. Its shift in meaning began in the early nineteenth century and can be traced through painting instructions in English and German as well as French."
    You can make it by mixing salmon pink and yellow, or orange and flesh tone; mix of gold/yellow and orange. I seem to remember that I used the orange and flesh 'method'.
    RGB 255, 244, 5

    1. Wow, Thanks for that James. I've got those colours in Humbrol so I'll give them a go. I forgot that the officers have to have gold lace but I'll add that to the job list.