Saturday, September 24, 2011

NASA 's weather Satelite and Dead Island...

With the Nasa weather satelite coming to earth on late Saturday people are beginning to worry about where it will land.  Victoria isn't worried however. In the morning she commented that there was no need to worry because she would catch it it it fell near her.

I downloaded Dead Island last night for $60 US. From what I have played it isn't as scary as LFD2 and it is not arcade style. It does nave some goodpoints like the ability to fight with a zombie rather than shoot them. The graphics are ok but not anything special. I am pretty new to the story but there are a number of challenges which seem be needed to be completed on each level rather thanthe linear LFD2 style. 

For all of their evil looks these zombies don't scare me as much are the LFD hordes.
Compared to LFD2 there has been more work put inti the anotomical parts in terms of blood and gore (which I like!!)

One of the good points about this game is that you get multiple weapons to fight the zombies. They can also be upgraded at workbenches which are dotted arounf the island

The graphic of the game are pretty!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I found my old highschool's badge...East Otago High

Decile 5 and way out in the countyside. I hated this school when I was there  but as the years pass I find I have a real soft spot for it.

 According to Wikipadia the school's claim to fame is that it won the 2009 Otago Daily Times Extra spelling Quiz for Year 9 and 10. Next comes a nobel prize or at least a Rhode's Scholarship....waiting...waiting....waiting. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Updates from the Georgia-England Game

We got to the ground pretty early

and had nothing to do so a nice lady took a few snaps

of us.

We got to see Johnny Wilkinsin sooooo close we could almost reach out and touch him. Victoria now likes him more than Sonny Bill Williams.

The stadium was about 60% full.

It just looked awesome. I think it is the only covred stadium in the Southern Hemisphere (but I could be wrong).

Just a view from the back.
Well Georgia ended up gettting thrashed but they played out of their skins. The new stadium was awesome and we all had a great time even though we we in the cheapest ppart of the ground.  All in all a fantastic Sunday's entertainment.
Some Youtube films of the stadium
here is another one

Saturday, September 17, 2011

OK... So I will be going to ONE game :)

Luckily Mari didn't want to go. For an adult the ticket price was $40 in the top stands BEHIND the tryline. Maybe we will get to catch a conversion? THe ticket prices for the best seats are around $240 per ticket.

I am not a very big fan of sport but even I can get swept up in cup fever. So tomorrow the girls and I are off to watch England vs Georgia. It will be a slaugher of epic proportions but just going to the new stadium should be cool.  I hope the pies are nice. Nearly $100 lighter in my wallet but well... how often do we get to host a World Cup?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Olympically empty life

The All Blacks have just downed Japan 82-7 in the latest pool match of the World Cup. Victoria has a crush on Sonny-Bill Williams (and she is nine). I am soooo out of touch with what is going on in the All Black team I can hardly be called a New Zealander.  I have been working pretty hard and haven't painted a single figure since about a month ago. All in all nothing really to blog about. I hope the spirit of creativity can move me to at least pick up a paint brush soon.