Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Well, I finally started painting again. One rather uncomfortable aspect of this was that I am sure my visual acuity has worsened since last year. I really found it hard to focus on some of the details of my figures. 1/72 is small at the best of times but I have never felt eye strain before when painting. On the up side, I now have completed collecting the figures for my Austrian army. It will be an 1809 version with a mix of both older and newer uniform types. That doesn't particularly worry me as I have never been a stickler for total accuracy. Photos to come so watch this space....

On another note, I have just added a couple of new books to the "library". The one from the Imperial War Museum is a colourful general read on the topic with lovely artwork on high quality paper. If I had a coffee table in my invisible man-cave, I would put it there. The next is another biography on Napoleon. The last I read was disappointing because you could almost feel the dislike for Napoleon in the words of the author. This one treats the great man with the respect he deserves without too much adoration. It is going to be Christmas reading at the beach.