Sunday, November 16, 2014

Will there be any figures left for Santa to put under the tree?

After finishing my Grenadier Cavalry I found myself gazing at a couple of boxes of 1805 French artillery like a junky eying a line of coke. My addiction as it is, it wasn't
long before my evenings were spent painting these cool looking figures. As of tonight they are based and looking pretty neat. I decided to make the bases 6cm by 8 cm just to give the figures more room. I am pretty happy with this as it makes the finished look quite a bit more imposing. I really liked the extra arms in this set. This meant I was ably to do the bucket dude, rammer and a random dude with a long stick. For the first time that I can remember there isn't a designated officer figure. There is though, the addition of a figure of a chap who inserts the plug into the touch hole (or at least I think that is what he does). In the coming week, I have promised to myself that I will finish these figures. At present the chaps are a little generic. I think I will repaint their trousers with a bit more variation to make them seem a little more "active-servicy". I'm thinking of building an army of General Bonaparte in Italy. I hope Hat will make a few sets of the early Revolutionary Wars armies from various nations. They have dome a few Frederich the Great sets so perhaps they could do... Italieri has done a early Austrian set but they are giants so I can't see myself using them.
My grand battery... Now for 20 battalions of 1805 French in greatcoats!!

Del-Prado's figure with a hat which is a little too big I think...
With these figures nearing completion and December not even here yet, I wonder if it will just be coal in my sack again this year... Maybe there is enough time to get some more figures from Aussie?

Anyway, I am not sure how much time I'm going to have from now on. Work is hectic and by the end of the day I'm pretty shagged. Still... Those baggage wagons....mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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