Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Palmerston

Last year Josie and I did a trip from Wainakarua to Oamaru. It was a really great ride so this year we decided to go the opposite direction from the Trotters Gorge turnoff to Palmerston. We had a really fast trip actually especially after I fixed Josie's back brake which had been slowing her down for the first 5 kms.  During the entire trip we didn't see any other trafic on the road and the silence going through the gorge was amazing (as was the scenery). We climbed a 250 metre hill to the summit of Horse Range Road  and after that had a great ride down to Palmerston.  It took us just under 2 hours and we got picked up by Mari.
Next year we might do Oarmaru to Timaru if I can find the appropriate back roads to travel on. I didn't take any photos unfortunately but I did do one video. Unfortunately Josie doesn't want it loaded so it will just have to stay on the home computer.

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