Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Day Back.

Well yesterday was the big day.  I got to see who was going to be in my new class and I got to see who passed their exams and who didn't. Actually it was good news all around. My class is looking pretty healthy and diverse and the exams in December went really well. We only have 5 people waiting to pass from the Indian nurses now out of the 15 enrolled. On the management front we decided to do a real shake-up of the marketing role. Ginny is going to be the new traveller with trips this year to Vietnam.China (in April?)and possible Japan and Korea in October.  Kelly will do the internet side of things and keep in touch with the agents via email.  I am going to work on the web and the new content for our brochures. Jessica has come back to teach part time after her baby boy and we are really happy to have her back.  All up the teaching team is really strong and we are looking forward to kicking proverbial arse on the exam side of things.

On another non-school note I recieved my 1st edition Armada (1965) Doctor Who and the Daleks book today!! This will be the jewel in my collection. These books are really rare and a Doctor Who fan pays good money for a copy. Me - I paid $4 from an unsuspecting bulk second hand book trader on Trademe.

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