Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing to blog about...

Unfortunately as the busy year ramps up I find that all I have to blog about is work and that makes for pretty boring blogging. I have job interviews today and three new students sitting and doing placement tests. The weather is absolutely beautiful outside and I wish I was at the beach. Life at home is pretty normal with the kids enjoying the last week of the Chrissie Hols. Josie and Mari stripped the wallpaper in Josie's room yesterday in preparation for Josie's room makeover.  I am getting ready to base the first 150 of my light infantry and will order about 200 more pretty soon. It looks like my "year long project" could be finished in as little as 3 months.

At its conclusion I aim to have about 50 battalions of French Infantry equaling about 900 foot figures and about 150? Cavalry. That should be more than enough to do battle with my finished Russian army of about the same size. I have the rule book for the board game called "Shako" but have never seen it played and don't know the rules. I doubt I will actually ever war-game with my toy soldiers. For me the enjoyment lies in painting them - putting them in boxes and storing them away forever. Strange eh?

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