Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy Saturday.

I took a van full of students up to Moeraki and Shag point today. The weather was really windy and all the Yellow Eyed penguins seemed to be hanging out onshore. I have never seen such a contingent (about 5) so I guess the numbers are picking up a bit. I still think they are endangered though. After Shag Point we headed off to the Moeraki boulders for a quick look. Unfortunately the tide was in so most of the good boulders were under water. After that we headed off to Lockies fish and chip shop for fish and chips (which we ate at the beach.  I got back at about 2 and spent a good part of the afternoon stripping wallpaper off Josie's bedroom walls. It is a messy and time consuming job. At present Josie's room looks like a bomb site and she wants to sleep in the lounge because of the unsightliness of it. On a more exciting not I have finished basing my light infantry. This means that the job (for this batch anyway) is officially half complete. Now comes the time consuming 'touch up' phase and the eventual ground painting,grassing and magnetic basing.
A battalion of Imperial Guard at the front from Zvezda (Russia) and Hat Industrie (US) work well.
Zvezda French Voltiguers looking cool. I might do three more boxes both in 3 figure formations to represent column formation and then larger based "free form" to represent skirmishing

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  1. I've heard of Lovers' Lane, but never Shag Point. Your students must love you for those meals on the beach, as well as the tours of the countryside.