Saturday, January 8, 2011

School on Monday

Well that is the end of my 3 week break. It has been one of the better holidays.  The girls are off to Nasby this week so I will be a bachelor for a while. Yippee!! I get to play online games when I get back and eat what I desire! I promised Mari that I would restart my viola practise this year so during my time of solitude I plan to hit the strings. The school is starting with a hiss and a roar so I will be pretty busy over the next few weeks.  It is all good though.  I have also started on my Napoleonic light infantry. This job should last me well in to the April. I plan to have 300 figures painted and based by the end of the year thereby signalling the final completion of my 1812 French army. 2012 will see the massive effort towards building a British Waterloo army. That will see me with 3 complete Napoleonic armies with a combined total of well over 7000 figures.

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