Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hiatus again....

Work has been busy and getting the kids back to school mode has been time consuming. Add to that the unexpected passing of my mother and this has meant that for the week at least hobbies take a back seat.  I might add some photos of my 1/32 Airfix Napoleonic boxes to the blog next week.  They are truly works of 1970s art. They have been in my little memories cupboard for several years but it is time they saw the light of day again...


  1. John,

    I'm so sorry to read of your mother's passing. This is shocking news. Please accept my sincerest condolences, and a long-distance hug for you and your family. I'm here by email if you need to vent, and am truly sorry I can't do more for you.

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  3. Thanks Kev. Off to the funeral in Oamaru tomorrow. It is a real roller coaster organising all of the necessities of a funeral. Luckily all of the whanau have been here to help apart from a bro who had an operation the same day as my mum but in Australia. He can't fly for three weeks. Very complex emotions but the overriding feeling of contentment of her life. Crazy eh? I expected to feel like shite but in reality we've had a week of laughter and happy memory sharing. Ive even been back at work in the meantime. I'm strangely glad that my mum's death was so quick and "smooth". So much different from the nightmare you had to endure.