Thursday, February 19, 2015

Highlanders from Airfix

Mint condition box!! Even the inside paper bit is included.

The Highlanders were the set I always wanted but never got when I was a kid. 6 boxes in total was the high tide mark of my Napoleonic childhood. I remember drooling over pictures of this box in Airfix magazines knowing that I would never really get a chance to buy it (or having it bought for me for Christmas).  I picked this box up in an internet sale a few years ago and the front box cover is on my S5 phone! The cover art on these boxes is so fantastic and inspiring that I still get a little chill (or thrill) when I look at them. They are always a bit of an oasis just to view when life gets a little too hectic.

Speaking of which - that is the end of my reviews of my old boxes. As you will notice from my posts I haven't written that much. This year has been a real roller coaster for me. I've been growing the business, my wife is starting a new job, the kids are now all in Secondary school, music lessons and maths lessons are kicking off in earnest and we've just bought a house and have to tend my mum's house in Hampden which our family has decided to hang onto as a holiday house..  All of these things are conspiring to place this blog and my hobby on the back burner until winter at least. So until the nights close in and the fire is burning in the log burner it is au revoir from me.  

Vive l’Empereur!


  1. It's mid-March. Aren't you having a birthday right about now?

  2. Wonderful nostalgia John. It was always the 1/72nd versions for me (and these are back in full swing now), but the extra detail visible on the 1/32nd versions was/is fabulous.
    You should try to get yourself a copy of "Airfix's Little Soldiers" published by Histoire & Collections. It has pictures and history of nearly every 1/72nd set that they made, with changes over the years. You should be able to pick up a copy from