Thursday, January 22, 2015

State of the Hobby 2015

So... As I mentioned not much is happening. Took a day off work due to a nasty summer cold and actually did just stay in bed. On the hobby front, I decided to take stock of what I've got in terms of boxed 1/72 figs. These are the ones stored in the laundry. There is another disorganised stash in the sun room. We don't have space for a man cave and for the next few years at least my figs will languish in the dark. Anyway here for public viewing and my own strange fascination are the laundry figures. The images should be better than my normal efforts since I gave my old phone to my youngest daughter and am now using an Android phone with 8. something megapixels.
Mixed bunch of 1805 Arty, Guard cav Heavy ambulance and broken light ambulance + my cool little command tent

Unfinished Spanish Light and Line + Command figs from the Hat Allied Command box

Cool looking British Imex Arty snuggling uncomfortably next to Hat Middle Guard??

Hat Light Infantry looking seriously bitching.

This Christmas' efforts

Marmalukes next to 92nd Rifles? + some French Command stands and British Cav from Waterloo and one from the AWI.

Russian Arty looking a little under loved. These dudes need some TLC

Light Chassuers +Nassau + Wurtemburgers?

French Line + those above from the Confederation of the Rhine

Unhappy little command stands

Yey for the 1805 French Arty from Hat! These were a real treat. Unfortunately they are billeted next to some bedraggled Russian Zvezda Russian arty and some random horses
More French - Cant see from the picture size...

Brits in the Peninsular

French Line

Field works from Esci I think + Middle Guard?

Zvezda Lights + Imperial Guard

Unfinished Spanish


Lancers, Hussars, Chassuers and Guard Chassuers??

Here come the Russians!!

Russian Cossacks, Lancers + plus a few uncomfortable Wurtemburgers

Guard Ruskies

French Dragoons and Curassiers + those dudes in white uniforms whose name escapes me.

Russian dragoons and cuirassiers



Russian Guars standing next to the stinky Russian levies.

More poms

More Christmas project


Russian line from Esci I think

Russian Hussars and British Command stands

Even more Russians
Here is the overview of the laundry figs
PS. Oh bugger! After uploading heaps of the photos seem blurry! Blame the Galaxy S5!!...Or a shitty photographer.

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