Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Airfix French Infantry

These were the "meat 'n vegies" of the Airfix armies. The Brits always seemed to rout these guys pretty easily as I remember. No fun being an Airfix French infantry dude. They also didn't get the same painting attention as the Imperial Guard. Some (most ) never got painted at all. In my battels the British got to fire first and decimate the advancing French. These dudes were at the front and served as fodder for the Grenadiers at the back. In the end of my battle s on my bedroom floor it always came down to a fight between the Brits and the Imperial Guard. These dudes were always long dead.


  1. I seem to remember they were pretty ugly too. Hunched over bodies and silly poses....poor fellows.

  2. I think those were 1/72 dudes. The Brits weren't much better in HO scale. The Prussians and the French Guard were cool enough to be usable even in today's armies.