Saturday, January 10, 2015

The holidays are drawing to a close and on the hobby front not much is happening. I have read as far as the Battle of Marango in the Campaigns of Napoleon and I am finding out a lot that I had absolutely no idea about.  As I have mentioned previously, my book knowledge about things Napoleonic is pretty pathetic but one of the great things about being of so little knowledge is the constant discoveries one makes. I am interested in the various sieges of Mantua so now I am eyeing some books on my new friend which I might purchase. Speaking of books, I rediscovered a couple of interesting books which have been sitting up at my mum's house for the last 25 years. Here they are....

The first is a book called Tales of Waterloo by Maxwell. My edition is an 1854 version published by Bentley. I picked it up from a 2nd hand store in the '90s.  The prose is very dated and to be honest I couldn't actually read it! The next book is The Road to Waterloo. This is a disparate set of essays published under a pretty misleading title - again from the early '90s. I will take these back home on Sunday to reunite them with my small but burgeoning Napoleonic library.

So today - packing/cleaning and getting ready to migrate the family back home again. In the coming month I plan to finish my baggage train and get some more static grass from the US. After that...I am gaing to start a 1800-1805 army to fight all the way up to Austerlitz. This is going to be fun!
O\h\zounds! I can't read my way through such writing!

Nice photos in this book - but overall not the best reading.

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