Monday, January 19, 2015

Back at work for a whole 6 days.....

The title says it all. Work is hectic but fun. The hobby has taken second place to buying new IT gear and settling in to the new year. I haven't looked at my figures for a couple of weeks now except for the box that I rescued after my daughter dropped it. (She was using it as a computer resting place in the sunroom. A couple of figures were broken and I haven't got around to re-gluing them yet.

Even my reading of Chandler's Campaigns of Napoleon has ground to a halt.

I ordered a 6 boxes of static grass from the states a week back so they are the only signs of life in the hobby... Yip. Well.... That's it from me. Maybe another post when things settle down.
This is the new ginger beer I'm drinking at the moment. Pretty nice really.


  1. Hope to see some figures appearing soon (in your own time). Just getting into Napoleonics, 54mm and possibly 1/72 so your blog was a great find.

  2. You and your figurines. I think it's time to change this from "The Nameless Blog" to "The Shiftless Blog."

  3. Not that I have room to talk: I'm only a couple weeks into a two-month vacation.