Sunday, July 20, 2014

They don't look too flash yet but...

Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting together the first 8 battalions of what I hope will be about 15 battalions of Pre-1808 Spanish. Actually I have dirtied up the figures by adding grey to the white coats and changing the colours of the trousers of a few of the figures. They are still a long way from finished and the grenadiers especially will take an age to just have their bearskin caps painted. Even then they will not look anything like the masterpieces which have been displayed on the Hat website.  These figures have been a real pleasure to paint in spite of the trepidations I had before about painting figures which were going to be predominantly white. I did manage to put a couple of flags upside down though but I am too lazy to change them at the moment. Once I have finished the static grass I will post another photo. I guess that will be another week away.

In the meantime we are just hunkering down for a few weeks as the shittiest part of winter rolls over the island. Hopefully soon the blossom should start and the days will be noticeable longer and hopefully a little warmer.


  1. I don't understand this hobby at all, but I'm guessing it's therapeutic in the way that seated meditation can be. At least you're not rampaging around the neighborhood doing random murders. The little soldiers keep you sane. As the Aussies say, "Good on ya', mate!"

  2. Think of it as my time of Zen. Sitting cross legged on the floor - moderating your heartbeat- focused on the oneness of creation. Buddha on one shoulder - Napoleon on the other...

    Focus Grasshopper! -Concentrez Sauterelle!