Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Spanish Are On Their Way!

So for the last week and a bit I have spent my free time cross legged with my back to the fire in the lounge painting my Spanish. I started off by base coating them black which was a pretty silly thing to do since the uniforms were predominantly white. Anyway, after about three additional layers of white enamel the uniforms were back to the colours that they should have been in the first place. The weather down south has been pretty tolerable but traditionally in the month and a bit after the shortest day we are inclined to get the worst of the winter. Anyway, the fist four battalions are on their way and the next four are already based. I am planning on painting 10 battalions of line and two of light in the nest couple of months. This coming weekend they should be (at the least the first four) presentable enough for a photo. With the Spanish painted the next plan should be to get some cavalry and artillery to support then as they do battle with General Dupont.  The problem is that Hat haven't produced any and I don't think that there are any in the pipeline...

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