Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Spanish Army Arrives!

These dudes will fit into my line and light battalions.

The meat and potatoes of the Spanish forces

Very cute mini-boxes which hold 32 figures
My earliest attempt at a command figure patiently waits for his army to come out of the boxes and deal to the French at Bailen.
Just when the crappiest part of winter hits the South of the South I finally got the new Hat releases of their Spanish Napoleonics. I bought four boxes of Fusiliers and two each of Light,Grenadiers and Command. When I opened the boxes I was really impressed with the level of sculpting. Hat seems to be really hitting its straps at the moment. I think they will be on a par with Zvezda pretty soon.

The plan s to make three regiments each with three battalions for the line like this...

F F F  F F F
F F F  F F F 
G G G G G G 
G G G C C C 

That will be for the first battalion because the grenadiers hung out in the depot battalion.

There are two other battalions which make the regiment....

F F F F F F 
F F F F F F 
F F F F F F 
F F F C C C 

This gives me at least three regiments and four battalions of lights.  Cool little addition to any Peninsular battle list.

More to follow as the weekend starts and I prepare for the winter painting extravaganza! 


  1. And where, in all this, are the Chinese soldiers? And the Mongols?

  2. You've been looking forward to these for so long John, so I/we are looking forward to seeing the results!