Friday, July 4, 2014

"Realism" verses Idealism

In my world of toy soldiers it is always summer. The grass on the bases therefore is always a verdant green - no matter where the soldiers are marching. I understand that in the middle of summer in Spain the grass would probably be a lot sparser and would be burned into a less attractive colour by the Mediterranean sun and winds however - not in my world. When I look at my soldiers I want to see them in an ideal way. The grass they get to walk on is what I would be walking on during a New Zealand summer and the uniforms the figures show are all clean, bright and new.  In fact in all the years of my painting I have never had the courage to paint dirt on the clean breeches of any figure - I've thought about it but I just can't bring myself to "despoil" the figures just to make them a little more realistic.  The result of this is that all of my figures have a parade ground look to them - nothing out of place and all pretty generic.

This brings me to my current set of figures. So the Spanish primarily had white uniforms. Will I use Humbrol white enamels for the figures? Will I go out on a limb and paint OFF-white for the figures? Realistically the Spanish wouldn't have looked all that pretty on the field because they were issued with uniforms once every 30 months. But... can I stand to open a box off figures and see DIRT represented on them? What would Sigmund Freud have thought about the dilemma I am facing now?

Wait, I think a dead poet had something to say about painting toy soldiers...

Truth is beauty and beauty and beauty is truth
That is all you need to know... yada yada.

Oh fuck it. They'll all be clean and bright.


  1. I assume it's the attempted verse at the end that led you to title this post "verses" instead of "versus."

    As for Freud: he'd say ANAL RETENTIVE, I'm sure.

  2. LOL! I am pretty sure Freud would have had to have thought of a new category to describe those who paint models!