Saturday, March 15, 2014

Waiting for the Spanish...

I ordered 10 boxes of Spanish Napoleonics from my Australian supplier a few weeks ago but I'm not sure when the figures will reach Australia from the Chinese factory where they are being made at the moment. It seems that Australia is the first country to get hold of any new production from Hat Industrie (which does the coolest plastic Napoleonics). In the meantime I am at loose ends as to what to do in terms of painting. Over the last week I have pulled out some of my French battalions
and started to put some flags on them to replace the ones which were originally part of the figures. This will entail a repainting and I am not too happy with the results. I've done about 15 battalions so far. I guess it adds a bit of spark to those tired old early painting efforts. I also notice that I had better get may paints out and touch up those musket barrels....


  1. So what happens if you get divorced and Mari gets to keep all the soldiers?

  2. She'd get the house and I'd keep the soldiers and live under a bridge somewhere! Come to think of it it is the fear of losing 1/2 my armies which keeps me being such a good husband!

    1. You recently had a birthday, didn't you?! Well, Belated Happy Birthday!

  3. John, I/we are looking out for those Hat Spaniards too, they look great on the blog don't they? I'll be keenly keeping an eye out for your painted results once you get them.

    Your massed French battalions look great and all the better for the issuing of the drapeaux!