Saturday, March 22, 2014

Painting for the School Fair

Every year Columba College has a school fair - and every year I have never actually got around to donating anything for it. This year's New Year resolution was to be a more active parent. Unfortunately that idea failed miserably. I am not the type of person to give up the comfort of my evenings to sit on committees and I am too lazy to coach a sports team. I am a bad parent.

However, I have decided to donate a set of 1/32 Hat Russian Command figures to the school to auction off at the fair. Over the last week I have been painting and basing and they are beginning to look pretty cool. I wonder if anyone will buy them? There can't be that many Napoleonic nerd dads amongt the parents but you never know....

The problem about painting 1/32 figures is that they are so big that they almost demand to be displayed when they are finished. I don't really have space ti display figures like these - especially since I am not really a painter with the skills to produce to competition standard. With 1/72 the figures can be stored in a box and can still look pretty cool even with my meager skills.

So there they are! I hope a Columba College dad finds space in his man cave for my first efforts in 1/32 for about 10 years!

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