Saturday, March 8, 2014

No Painting This Week

This has been a hectic week. Work is busy and promises to be the same until next Sunday. I have spent this Saturday loading a 9 metre mini skip with crap which we have accumulated over the last few years. There is so much greenery on the property that we are probably going to need another skip in spring.

On a brighter note, a bought a few more books for my mini- library....

Once upon a time I did actually have an Austrian army of sorts. The Austrians and the French were the first armies that I painted when I was at uni. Sadly, I only decided to repaint the French and the Austrians were relegated to boxes where most of their paint flaked off. A well painted Austrian army would look lovely but I am not sure whether I want to put the Austrians ahead of a Spanish or Portuguese army. At the moment I don't have either but I do have a birthday coming up... perhaps that can justify an army painting binge over winter...

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