Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Sunday - Another identical set

Here are the Prussians riding in front of four battalions of British foot which happen to live in the same box as the Prussian Curassiers. To the right are a couple of riflemen sniping some of Boney's officers!
I thought that when I finished the Guard Cavalry (Curassiers - without Curasses - go figure!) I would move on to other sets. But then in the back of my mind a had a niggling idea that there may have been other set in the basement -  a set that I bought when I was living in Hong Kong way back in '92. I went for a hunt on Monday after work and there in a box filled with odds and ends of years of on and off collecting - was a bag of figures of original Esci Prussian Curassiers. And it is these that I present to you now. I painted them as dragoons and according to my daughter they look better than the first ones I did last week.

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