Monday, April 2, 2012

I post from work.

Berthier is passing an important note about the forthcoming English Advantage staff party to a petty officer. In the background is one of my first attempts at a tree. The watch tower is an ESCI from the early 90's. Behind the telephone are some British Dragoons from the AWI looking a little out of place.

In the forest the French are up to their dastardly plans.

My happy place.
Autumn is coming and the school is humming with new students and busy staff. I have decided to make a "happy place" in my office with a little model exhibition. This has been met with looks of puzzlement at staff meetings and the NZQA lady wasn't too sure about the mental health of the principal. I have long since stopped worrying about what people think about me however. My happy place is my little oasis.

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  1. ...which is another way of saying that your mad obsession has run out of room at home and is now spilling over into school. Gotcha.

    "I can quit anytime!" he cried, as the men with the huge butterfly nets crept stealthily up behind him.