Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Spray Can

I bought a spray can today to see if I could base coat my massive number of figures that way. The end result was that I base coated about 500-ish figures pretty well. I might have to go over the rest to touch then up but they are looking pretty fine. That has saved me at least 2 weeks of painting. Tomorrow is ANZAC day so after the dawn service I will start the red base coat for the jackets and go from there. Th eweather has been remarkably fine over the last couple of weeks So we are all hoping for a nice global warming winter. My bro from Auckland is coming over tonight. He has been down for the funeral of his mother in law. She was a really nice lady and her funeral was sweet. Both grand-children stood up and gave really nice eulogies in speech and song which added to the flavour of the whole proceedings.
Anyway, looking forward to painting over the coming months.

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