Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting Frenzy

My figures arrived on Tuesday and this is how far the first batch has come.  I fell upon them like a famished man and have been happily spending hours at the painting table ever since. In three days I have done the red coats twice, white trousers twice, flesh and guns. This is on 8 sprues of 24 figures by the way.  I have examiner training tomorrow which is going to seriously cut into my painting time but I am pretty sure I should be able to fiish all of the black on the figures by the end of Sunday. I still have another 16 sprues eagerly waiting for me to get my hands on them out in the dun porch. By the end of the next three months my Peninsualr army should be marching!
Zen and the Art of Toy Soldier Painting. I am not the best painter and I am always happy to admit it. One of the reasons I paint is the chance for relaxation and reflection. My wife meditates to conect with spiritual yogis and other new age hippy things but at the end of the hour or two per day the only thing she really gets is a sore arse. I also get a sore arse but I also have a little and pretty project just that little bit closer to conpletion. Many an hour I have spent pondering life whith paintbrush in my hand- what a pleasant way to spend an evening!


  1. What a huge amount of figures on your painting table. And you're doing some speedpainting, it looks to me. :-D

    Painting figures is also my way to relax. I does let me feel better.


  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.