Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another busy week.

Today (being Saturday) I got up, cleaned the house, did two loads of washing, chopped away some eveil bushes which were threatening to overrun the house, vaccuumed the lounge and kitchen, did the dishes, cleaned the sun porch and dumped piles of unwanted stuff into the garage, mowed the lawns AND did the following! All of which (well almost all) was done before the family got back from Saturday Morning Music.  All in all a very successful morning and afternoon.  In the evening, I plan to paint my second hill and start work on a series of low hills which will not be forested. Perhaps in my imaginary game these will be dominating hieghts from which the Russian batteries will be able to sweep the fields!

Little forest which I imagine would be impassable to infantry. I guess that the number of trees which you stick on a hill would be a marker of the "passability" of the hill to formations. The hill in the front as at the back have been formed using instant plastic cast which was given to me by the Dunedin Fracture Clinic which has its rooms on the same floor as our school. Little do they know how successful their product is!!
Russians making their way around a pine forest somewhere in Poland!
Hill size in comparison to Cavarly

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