Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking Down to Work

 I am a lazy bugger at the best of times but one of the reasons that I can stand walking 45 mins to work every morning is the scenery. I have been taking a few snaps of my walk through the city's greenbelt and here they are...( No idea why the spacing has suddenly gone crazy)
This is the first of the snaps and not the best. This is at the top of Mornington at about 8 am. I normally leave at about 7.45 and have to walk up a reasonably steep incline to get to this position. From here you can look down to the harbour and most of south and central Dunedin. You can see the new stadium pretty well from here.
This is a shot looking back up the hill. The town belt has some pretty well kept  native bush and lots of green space for picnics and the like.
Further on down you can see the peninsular and Sawyer's Bay. The Dunedin port is obscured by the trees at the bottom.

This is at the bottom of the curve into the  city and some more pretty spring leaves.  My phone has a pretty shitty camera so these shots really don't do justice to the scenery.

This is an interesting shot because it shown the different architectural styles cheek by jowl. The city planners don't really have a sense of theme to the city so increasingly there are crappy brick houses in multiple styles popping up next the the classic Edwardian houses.

Looking straight down to the city. You can't see it but the stadium is at the bottom. My school is now about 25 mins away.

Next stop Chile. If you have a good canoe and plenty of time on your hands and a death wish - you could try canoeing to Chile from this beach. Several thousand kilometres of trackless godforsaken frigid ocean. Actually you can sometimes see wandering rouge icebergs from here!

Pretty tree of no particular importance.

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