Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday and off to work

Every couple of months I get the all to examine for IELTS. This is one of these mornings. Usually there is a rush of students wanting to sit before the next uni semester starts. The most popular time of year is October and November for sitting the tests.  This means that between now and the end of the year it will be all hands to the pumps as far as examiners are concerned. I will be finished by maybe 8 pm tonight and all for less than $150 ...


  1. $150... that's, like, $2 in US currency, right?

  2. I thought you only accepted Remminbi in the US now... since Mr Bush sold America to the Bank of China :) Jokes aside I think it is worth about 110 US. The local plumber charges out at $80 per hour as a flat rate. I guess I'm in the wrong job.

  3. It's not gallant of you to kick us while we're down... and we've been down a long, long time. But yes: we sold our collective soul to China decades ago. What's happening now is revenge for the way we treated the railroad builders.