Sunday, October 17, 2010

Up to Hampden for the Weekend

On Saturday we went up to Hampden to help my mum shift furniture from the top bedrooms to prepare for this week's redecorating. It didn't take that long so we had the chance to go out riding for a couple of hours. I took the camera and recorded some shots of the wonderful Sunday afternoon weather. In the afternoon it all tuned to custard but by the time we arrived back in Dunedin it was bright and sunny again. The girls went swimming in the creek near my mum's house and had a ball. All in all it was a pretty great weekend.
 Here is a shot looking South. To the left there is a fish and chip shop which does a roaring trade with travellers heading through the town.  They cook up locally caught fish and serve hand cut chips. (so much better than the machined versions) The police station is next to it. I am not sure whether the policeman is there all the time but he is a pretty busy chap with responsibility for who knows how many hundred kilometres.

 This is a shot of the local store. The owners are pommies so they are always regarded as Ausländern even though they have been here for 10 years. They are building a new and improved store - the first of which in the town since the 1930s I think. Rather a good shot of my thumb as well.

 Children's play area at the beach (looking South). Our house is about 100kms south.

 Same spot. This time looking inland. New Skate ramp set up by the local Lion's club is where all the cool and edgy Hampden teenagers hang out on Friday nights.

 Looking North this time.  This is a really good fishing area if you have access to a boat. Blue Cod galore and heaps of crayfish. 

 Looking over to Moeraki. Famous for the Moeraki Boulders (concrete versions at this playground.) We biked down here from my mum's house and our bikes are in the distant background.

Two little poppets on the see-saw having a rest before the big climb up the hill to the fish and chip shop.

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  1. That dark spot at the top of the second photo is, at a guess, all the angry souls of the sheep that recently perished in the blizzard...?

    On a more serious note: beautiful country you got there. I really need to get over to En-Zed one of these years.