Sunday, September 10, 2017

New titles on the doorstep.

Got home from mowing, hacking and mulching up at our holiday house and found these on the door step. Another 10-ish titles still in transit. Pretty sure McMillan publishers have my picture on their fridge at work. I am branching out a little in to the Seven Years War and British Empire in India. As of now however , I  am going to focus on getting my Austrian figures together for a possible 2018 Jan start.
The cool thing about this weekend was that I was able to get some reading done. Right now I'm reading Citizen Emperor by Philip Dwyer. Napoleon from Dwyer's perspective was a megalomaniac and an opportunist who was also a pretty crappy general. Not sure I agree with Dwyer but he has certainly put in the research and presents a compelling line of argument. I guess the "romantic" Napoleon of the mid to late Eighteenth century is the image that I am most comfortable with.

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