Sunday, April 28, 2013

Airfix - with photos to come later because I don't have my iPhone cable.

I had a bit if nostalgia for the days of my youth a couple of nights ago so a decided to delve into a closet and find my old 1/32 Airfix Napoleonic figures.  They were the mainstay of my battles as a kid from when I was 7. I guess they got a bit of a thrashing because there was seldom a day when they weren't fighting Waterloo or left to rot after a battle only to get half sucked up the vacuum cleaner or stood on by the rest of the family. They are a little rough now with many missing their barrels to their muskets or even their bases.  So I set them up and here is the photo. Still looking ready to welcome Napoleon back from Elba any day!

I also had a little bit of research into those Medieval figures that I picked up in that auction of Deetail figures a few weeks back. Here are the photos.  It turns out that they were from a 1978 box of Airfix Medieval Foot Soldiers.  Back in the day I was into Napoleonic so I wouldn't have thought of wasting my precious Christmas money on these figures.  Many decades later, although I am still not interested in the Medieval period, I am eager to get hold of the original box for these figures.  It looks like I will have to buy from an overseas site like E-Bay (rather than Trademe) is I am ever going to have a hope of getting the box.

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