Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forgive me for I have sinned...

So I went to the auction and was outbid on 7 of the 10 items. I could have bought more (and I spent under half my budget) but the bidding was pretty intense. The whole lot sold for just over $4500 which is still a steal based on the prices which are realised on line for these figures. Actually I have no
Knights and Saracens and some British Guards (complete with cool plastic guard house! Tucked away in there are a few Napoleonic figures.

Yanks,Japs and Brits and Krauts - all WW2.

Foot soldiers  and knights jousting - coupled with some Napoleonic French and British.

The odd ones out. These are Super Deetail and they are more expensive than the older Deetail figures on most internet figure websites.
particular interest in Britain's Deetail figures. I was more of an Airfix man myself. On the bright side the figures are pretty neat so I probably won't sell them on. They were nice enough for Victoria to ask if she could have them so that she could  sell them to pay for her university fees!!

So here I am with my bank account several (many) hundreds of dollars lighter but I still have a sense of satisfaction. Will this tempt me to become a Deetail collector? No - but at least in future I will look more closely at this area of collecting.

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