Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Want a Man Cave

Things that I want to have:

1) A large war-games table.
2) glass display cabinets
3) Shelving for books
4) Computer space
5) Sofa
6) my own bathroom
7) Stereo
8) Fridge
9) Workbench/painting table
10) Time to enjoy the above items

Is that too much to ask? I am really a simple soul .


  1. You may have to lead a simpler, less lucrative life... at least if you want the time to enjoy the good things. And that's the trap, isn't it: you have to lead a busier, more lucrative life to be able to obtain the things you want!

  2. I am afraid John and lucrative are not usable in the same sentence. I am broke most of the time. One can still dream though.

  3. Dude, if you were really broke, you'd be divorced. I'm sure you rake in plenty—at least enough to be comfortable (by which I mean, enough to buy plastic armies!).

    Where do elves keep their armies, by the way?

    Up their sleevies!