Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wurtemburg Jager zu Pferd

Well here they are, I have based these straight off the box and I reckon they look pretty cool. I discovered during my painting that I don't have an Osprey about Wurtemberg or Baden. I have all of the titles of Napoleon's German allies though... Strange because I was pretty sure Wurtemburg was part of the Coalition of the Rhine... Anyway the painting is finished and I am now on to my late war Prussian Hussars. Again I don't have the Opsrey for these dudes. I have the first title but not the second.
Still needing a bit is a touch up but the basic parts finished. I have a few Wurtemburg Grenadiers and line somewhere but I need to get hold of some artillery. I haven't really put any effort into Austrians or Confederation troops and they aren't on the horizon either. I am aiming mainly at the Peninsular War.

Here are some Russians which I found in a box with British Command and my Wurtemburgers in the background.

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