Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Ecclectic Set

A parade of "toffs" leading my Peninsular British army. Nothing beats the British uniform in massed ranks. (Although the Imperial Guard can look pretty cool)

The horribly under worked-on Russians. These guys deserve at least a few weekends of undivided attention.

OK the colour looks a little off here. I used an acrylic just as a test. I am not sure as to the real colour of the drummers but I assume is will a lot darker than these colours.
Here are a few shots of what is happening on my painting table... Not a lot happening really - the weekend has been a little too busy. I did get a few colours onto my Napoleonic British Command and dabbled around with a really old 1/32 Airfix figure that has been lying around in a box since I was about 8. DComparing this figure with the Hat Russian flag-bearer he does look a little effeminate!  I really love the Airfix range from the 1970s because I played so many cool battles on the windowsill and the lounge during the summers up in Hampden. Many a time the evil Frenchies tried to storm Waterloo Farm and were held back by the thin red line. It really was a thin red line because I only ever owned two boxes of British infantry - as opposed to four boxes of French (Guard and Infantry).

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