Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Painting

Sunday and I am back in the painting mode again. Yesterday I based my British Command after finishing my fatherly jobs which involve driving children around the city to various sporting and musical events. The figures look ok but they are not my best efforts. I think I need to invest in some better brushes. Lately I have been pretty busy at work and the household has been pretty busy as well so I haven't really had the mental space to psych myself up for painting. This evening however, I have jumped in and painted the base coats of my IMEX British artillery (Blue and White) although I am not too happy with the colour of the blue. I also did a mega painting on my 1/32 Russian Command figures which I bought accidentally (thinking that they were 1/72) some months ago. I still have some Wurtemburg and Nassau Cavalry to paint.

Since my birthday is coming up I may arrange for a completely new set of brushes....and some more paints.