Sunday, August 14, 2011


The horse at the front is my first ever attempt at shading. Crappy but interesting nevertheless!

This is a finished lot of Waterloo British light cav.  I am pretty happy with the end result.  If I had any twisted individual in my city who shared the same hobby, I would be more than happy to put them on the wargames table.
This weekend everybody has prepard for a big dump of snow. The media has dubbed it the "perfect storm" but so far it has just been a colder than average Sunday. Today I painted a second batch of Waterloo British light cavalry. Italieri are a pretty patchy manufacturer. They can either make really nice figures like the light cav I have been painting or they can produce some pretty aweful ones like French and British infantry pre 1806. They are also guilty of 'scale creep' where the figures get just that little bit bigger set after set. The 1805 Austrians are giants compared to the Esci or Hat figures so even though they are well sculpted they can't be used on a table with other figures.

Just the horse bits to go before basing.

The Perfect Storm! You can see the snow piling up in huge drifts outside our back window. How will we ever survive the weekend!!!
In the news Josie is back from her camp. It was too cold for her and she didn't really enjoy it. Victoria has got a solo part in her school production of The Magic Schoolbus. She also gets to play the violin and do the 'hat dance'.


  1. I look forward to meeting your kids one day, although they might enjoy meeting my goddaughter (she's turning 14 in September) more than they'd enjoy meeting me.

    Were those purple horses I saw?

  2. Purple horses! I hope not. Unless it was one of those Appaloosa purple horses which were predominant in the Northern states during the AWI!!