Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday... the TV lives another day!

Half way finished! The light cavalry rides again!

Ready to cut some peasants down to size!

Spur of the moment purchase from Toyworld. Ihave always had a hankering to paint Austrians. The problem was that they had two distinctive uniforn styles during the Napoleonic period. Painting 2 3000 man armies would be a little tiresome.

The dude who has fallen from with horse is a cool figure and desrves a good standard of painting. I might really paint him up next weekend.

My rifles in skirmish order reasy to see off those frenchies!

My AWI horses got a bit of a touch up tonight before tea. I used acrylic brown on top of my standard enamel. Acrylics are pretty cool but I grew up with enamel Humbrol paints and I am not sure I can part with them totally. With browner mounts the Brits look a lot cooler. Next stage is the finicky touch up stage and then the basing.  Previously, I have got a joinery shop to cut up thin MDF for me. Unfortunatley I have ru out of those bases so  it looks like a call to "my man" might be in order.

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  1. Hello John,

    First of all that's a nice picture of a happy family.

    Nice blog you have, I will follow from now on. Added you also to my blog list, so I can see the updates of your work.

    PS: if you want a sample of those British Light Cavalry, have a look here: